40 High PR USA Classified Sites List 2017

An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, they still can’t see and understand a web page the same way a human can. SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users.

Classified advertising is a form of advertising which brings more visitors to your money site and boost your sales. The easiest way to boost your ranking is to post on classified sites. Below are 40 verified classified sites to boost your SEO ranking in 2017.

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The Holiday Marketing Campaign Hall of Fame (Infographic)

See the fascinating history of holiday marketing campaigns and get inspired to craft your own memorable retail messaging this year.

The holidays signal a change in consumer behavior. Buying increases near parallel with a little R&R and family time. This means more people are watching –– just like Santa does all year –– to see which ads strike their festive chord.

Holiday marketing campaigns run by brands aren’t kept on any psychic naughty-or-nice list, but consumer memory might as well be just that. Get your holiday campaign just right, and consumers will begin to associate your brand with the start of the season.

Others have done it –– both brands expected, with large marketing budgets, and those you had previously heard nothing of. Some campaigns repeat, year after year, and become cultural signifiers of the season. Think of the holiday window displays on Madison Avenue, Thanksgiving Day parades ending at the world’s largest department store and TV ads that bring a simultaneous tear and smile to faces around the globe.

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How to Attract Visitors to Your Site

Sales, Marketing – How to Attract Visitors to Your Site – Entrepreneur.com

I see it time and time again: The number-one challenge faced by brand-new internet business owners is a lack of traffic. Obviously, if your website isn’t getting any traffic, you’re not generating any sales. And what’s worse is that without traffic, you can’t test the key components of your sales process. And if you roll out a large traffic campaign before you’ve tested your site to make sure it converts maximum visitors into buyers, you risk losing sales and looking unprofessional to potential business partners and affiliates.

So you’re caught in a vicious cycle: Before ramping up a big traffic campaign, you need to test your sales process, but without any traffic, testing is difficult–if not impossible!

In this article, I’m going to give you an eight-step action plan that will show you:

  • How to get cheap, instant traffic to your website so you can test key components of your sales process–your sales copy, order form, navigation and opt-in offer–before rolling out a large-scale traffic campaign;
  • How to ensure that every element of your sales process is optimized to convert maximum traffic into maximum sales;
  • The most effective strategies for attracting thousands of highly qualified potential buyers to your site right away; and
  • The secret to putting your entire traffic campaign on autopilot.

So even if your site is getting no traffic right now, you can be testing the key elements of your sales process tomorrow–and as soon as two weeks from now, you can be rolling out your traffic campaign in full.

Sound good? Let’s get you started off on the right foot!

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What causes heart disease part XXI — Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

Now, when I say that CVD is complicated, I suppose I mean it. Here is a slide that I have been pondering for a couple of weeks. It comes from a paper called ‘DDAH Says NO to ADMA.’1 And that gets my official ‘acronym title of the year award’. Something that I do not hand […]

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Free Top Video Submission Sites List 2016

Free Top Video Submission Sites List 2016 | High PR | Share Your Video to Get SEO Advantage

SEO is the key to your business success

Designing a cute website and landing page is not enough to start an online business. Online business involves lots more. First of all you need visitors. So your website needs to be visible to your intended audience or customers.

Search engine optimization is the key to bring visitors to your website. You many metrics to reach the first page of search engine. In order to reach the first page, you need to write a good content that exactly describes your products or service. Then you need to get SEO advantage from similar website that are high rank.

Video submission is one of the ways to get SEO advantage to boost your site ranking. For this you need to find video sharing sites are having good PR and Alexa rank. Below are the video sharing sites that can be trusted to boost your SEO.

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No                 Video Sharing Site                               PR                       Alexa Rank

01                  https://www.youtube.com                 9                                    3

02                 http://viemo.com/                                 9                               180

03                  https://screen.yahoo.com                  9                                   5

04                  http://www.ustream.tv                       8                            1904

05                  http://www.tv.com                               8                            2097

06                  http://www.dailymotion.com           8                                 95

07                  http://www.sapo.pt                              8                               898

08                  http://www.youku.com                       8                                116

09                  http://www.teachertube.com           7                           78463

10                   http://www.getmiro.com                   7                            22412


Interview Transcription Services
Interview Transcription Services


11                    http://www.funnyordie.com            7                              4055

12                   http://www.collegehumor.com       7                               2074

13                   http://on.aol.com                                 7                                   151

14                   http://www.break.com                       6                                2760

15                   http://www.twitch.tv                          6                                    137

16                   www.metacafe.com                             6                                 4583

17                   http://www.blinkx.com                      6                               48533

18                   https://www.brightcove.com           6                                8671

19                   http://www.buzznet.com                  6                               12017

20                  http://www.godtube.com                  6                             24495

21                   http://tinypic.com                               6                                1667

22                  www.liveleak.com                                6                                 656

23                  http://www.fotki.com                          5                               11024

24                  http://sciencestage.com                      5                           340489

25                  http://www.izlesene.com                    5                                 3884


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Viaje comigo -let’s travel together



This is where the International members will be staying.


This is part of what we will be doing, there are translators for the members who do not understand Japanese, we wear ear buds

Listening, learning, exchanging thoughts and ideas


This is the Peace Tower, for those who have never been, there is a tour, from the higher levels, you can see magnificent views of the landscapes below.

Reverend Eisuke Inagaki will be there on the 30th and 31st, to do Spanish translation for the Spanish-speaking members,  If you are looking for me, it is best to ask him, he will know my schedule, He speaks Japanese, Spanish, and is learning English .=^_^=

The Church of Perfect Liberty is all about world peace.  We pray for World Peace, we sing songs for World Peace, most of all, we do our best to live our lives to reflect a life of Perfect…

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Shoe-Wearing Robot – Walks Like a Human

Shoe-Wearing Robot 1


DURUS robot very much imitates the walking motion of human beings. DURUS robot rocking its “feet” forward from the heel and pushing off at the toe. Enhanced walking capabilities could help robots navigate environments that human being move around in, and could improve the performance of bots created for disaster response.

A bipedal robot can now put its best foot forward, stepping with a heel-toe motion that copies human locomotion more closely than flat-footed robot walkers can.

The DURUS robot has been designed collaboratively by the SRI International and Georgia Tech’s Advanced Mechanical Bipedal Experimental Robotics Lab.  The traditional design was modified to accommodate the new manner of walking, enabled by a novel mathematical algorithm that adjusts the robot’s momentum and balance, one step at a time.

This robot has two legs that are large and flat, to provide a more stable platform. Bigger feet provides bigger polygon of support, and the harder it is to fall.

“Our robot is able to take much longer, faster steps than its flat-footed counterparts because it’s replicating human locomotion,” said Aaron Ames, director of the Georgia Tech lab.

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Easy way to transcribe interviews


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Make Money Quickly | Paid Surveys | Make Money Online

Make Money QuicklyMake Money Quickly

Making money is challenging. On this page you’ll find all the best ways to make money in your spare time based on our experience. We’ll keep adding new ideas or ways to this page so go ahead and try!

Online Surveys – Paid Surveys

Students need income to complete their studies successfully.The popular way for students to make income is to fill out “online surveys” in their spare time. Research companies are quite often recruiting new members to answer surveys. This helps them to test new products.

For a 10 to 20 minutes of form filling, you can make a couple of quid which is paid as cash, coupons or rewards. You can bag up to $5 for a survey!

A few good ones to try are:

  1. Toluna
  2. Vivatic
  3. OnePoll
  4. MySurvey
  5. SurveyBods
  6. The Opinion Panel
  7. Valued Opinions
  8. YouGov
  9. iPoll
  10. PopulusLive

Make Money Online

  1. Global Test Market
  2. Mingle
  3. Hiving
  4. PanelBase
  5. MintVine
  6. Opinion Outpost
  7. Mind Mover
  8. Pinecone
  9. New Vista
  10. Swagbucks

Guest Post by Anne Parker

Shalom Transcription

Novel Procedure by CMC doctors helps avoid open heart surgery

John Roshan
Dr John Roshan, Professor of Electrophysiology, CMC, Vellore.

Published in The Hindu, Vellore, June 30, 2016

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Instead of performing an open heart surgery, doctors at Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore took the percutaneous route to remove a malfunctioning lead (wire) of an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) device in a 49-year-old woman.

The lead extraction procedure was done using an imported device – ‘TightRail’ – through the skin.

This has avoided the necessity of an open heart surgery that comes with its own set of risks, and also enabling quicker recovery and lesser hospitalisation, according to John Roshan, professor of Electrophysiology, CMC.

From Chitoor

The patient, J. Rajeswari from Bangarpalayam in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, had received an ICD device at CMC in 2010 due to Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy – a condition in which the heart muscles weaken causing abnormal currents in the heart, he explained.

“Abnormal current can make the heart beat very fast and also result in sudden cardiac death. This is where the ICD machines come in. The device is implanted in the patient’s body. It detects when abnormal current is produced in the heart and gives an electric shock to save the patient,” he said.

In January, Ms. Rajeswari started to experience palpitation and shock. When brought to CMC in February, doctors found that the lead of the ICD device was malfunctioning.

“The lead of the device can start to malfunction as time progresses after implantation. This requires removal of the lead. Till now, the only way for lead extraction was through an open heart surgery. This is a major surgery and recovery takes a month and involves high cost,” he said.

He noted that the lead cannot be removed manually as it could cause tearing of the heart muscle and vein to which it is attached.

He added that while some patients opt for open heart surgery for lead extraction, some got another lead implanted alongside the malfunctioning lead. This too has its own risks as it could affect flow of blood through the vessel.

“Now, we have used a special machine – TightRail – to remove the lead percutaneously that is through the skin,” he said.

Lead locking device

Using a lead locking device, doctors first secured the malfunctioning lead that goes through the vein and is screwed to the heart muscle. “Once this was done, TightRail, which consists of a long tube with a handle at one end, is used to ensheath the malfunctioning lead. The end of the tube has blades that cuts the tissue attached to the lead in a circumferential fashion and removes it safely,” he said.

Dr. Roshan said the patient and her family had given their consent for the procedure, and the device that was German-made took two to three months to arrive after getting the approval of the Government of India.

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Advent of Audio Transcription

What is Audio Transcription?

Audio Transcription in its simplest form is an art of writing down all that is spoken from an audio recording into a readable text format.

The utilization of transcription varies based on the industry. Documentation in the form of text format is required for indexing, accessibility and archival purpose in the business and academic world. Visual technology too requires the same for closed captioning. Web sites basically utilize transcription for search engine optimization (SEO) and to share new ideas with relatives, friends or interest groups.

Many industries depend heavily on professional transcriptionists for converting audio or video into something that is readable in format. However, have you ever wondered how transcription came into existence?


Advent of Audio Transcription:

Ancient people used leaves, cave walls, stones and papyrus for recording events and achievements.

The invention of printing press and paper paved the way for mass communication. Mass communication changed the mode of sending and receiving information.

Business and academic institutions start hiring transcription writers to record their meetings and interviews. A professional would be present in the meeting or interview and write words as they were spoken. This required companies to hire people trained in advanced techniques such as shorthand for transcription.

Thomas Edison created the first modern recording equipment. This sound recording device was known as a phonograph. However, Edison’s creation was extremely fragile.

The invention of modern digital recording in 1970s changed the audio transcription field dramatically. Recording and transferring the audio or video files has since become more instant.

Audio Transcription Today:

Today you do not need a professional transcriptionist to be present in your business meeting or interview. You can record the same and send it to a professional transcription service provider through a secured transfer system and receive the typed material back through your email.

Further you also have the option to edit or modify the text to suit your requirement. In business, the transcription is used to make a presentation, prepare a report to shareholders and board members, for marketing material, and to get a SEO advantage. In the legal industry it is used as a proof; while in the academic field, transcription is used to record lectures, seminars, focus group discussions and interviews.


Titus Livingston D